Neil Young, Will Ferrell Play Conan’s Final Tonight Show, “Freebird”

It seems like just seven months ago we were blogging about Pearl Jam playing “Get Some” on the very first Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien. Now the deals have been brokered, the lawyers have been lawyered, and the good times, which is to say the Not Jay Leno times, come to an end. Coco’s last stand as host of his beloved, (misguided) dream job is tonight. He’ll be fine financially: there will be offers, perhaps more fitting for his brand of comedy-your-parents-don’t-like, and NBC is pushing him off the ledge with a $32MM golden parachute (with $12MM for his staff’s severance, and remaining needs will be met by Conan himself). His art, on the other hand, is getting screwed by the ‘Cock: R.I.P. Triumph, and lots of other intellectual property developed by the O’Brien team over the years. But while the Masturbating Bear may have pawed his nuts for the last time, both his theme song and that of the Pimpbot 5000 are apparently safe: Max Weinberg and Jimmy Vivino had the foresight (read: financial sense) to copyright those compositions themselves. Very prescient/greedy! Those guys get it.

Last time Conan had a “final music guest,” it was the White Stripes. This time, it’s Neil Young. Bears relation to the first music artist Conan invited to Universal City: Start on Pearl Jam, end with their progenitor. Full circle-ish. What’ll Neil play? “Tonight’s The Night” sounds about right, but we’ll just see. When that video pops, we’ll add it. For now, enjoy Conan’s attempt to cost NBC as much as possible, by purchasing a Bugatti Veyron (the most expensive car in the world) and showing it while playing the original master recording of the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Total cost in car and licensing: $1.5MM. But you know, no hard feelings.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight, and bring liquor. Here’s a $1.5MM investment in your LOLk.



Neil Young – “Long May You Run”

The finale…

Will Ferrell, Conan O’Brien, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons & Beck – “Freebird”