David Lee Roth Imposter Identified As A “Manipulative Genius”

Last week, DLRreportedly was caught speeding in Ontario, explaining to police he was rushing to the hospital to combat a peanut allergy. Turned out that was a fake David Lee Roth. The imposter is one David Kuntz, who’s spent years passing himself off as Diamond Dave (same first name, see), engaging in “surprise appearances” with house bands, and — this is weird — was previously acquitted on accessory to murder charges in a trial that, as MTV reports, “portrayed him as a manipulative genius.” So, the big take home: David Lee Roth is not allergic to peanuts after all! But admittedly, that was definitely a genius bit of deception. To guard against future issues with perp identification, Ontario area cops have been instructed that all future field tests should include a request for an a cappella this.