New Clipd Beaks – “Home”

As mentioned when posting “Blood,” the raucous Liars-esque opener from Oakland BTW Clipd Beaks’ To Realize, the noise-rock trio’s post-“Visions” sophomore collection blows past 2007’s Hoarse Lords. They’ve tightened the assault, deepened its grooves, darkened the shadows. When I spoke with vocalist Nick Berbeln about “Blood” and To Realize’s seeming preoccupation with the apocalypse, he had a lot to say. A lot of it wasn’t what I expected.

STEREOGUM: Valleys and blood evoke the apocalypse. There are a number of elements here that point in that direction, but what’s the narrative exactly?

NICK BERBELN: “Blood” encapsulates the message of the album — that through working hard and believing in yourself, you can better yourself. Basic stuff, but pretty profound when it’s happened to you and you can apply it to your own life. I wrote the words about our band’s own personal story: How we’ve been through a lot with our band-lives (losing members, moving cross country, being broke from touring, etc.), how we could’ve given up at times but have continued to strive on because we believe in our music … I hope anyone listening can draw the same sort of connection from the song, maybe conjure some personal conviction within the listener about circumstances in their own life. If it works on you, the song should make you feel strong.

With the completion of To Realize we’ve reached a point where we’re at peace with our band, I think. We’re proud of our story and what we’ve accomplished, and feel stronger as a band and as individuals because of it. We feel Realized.

Try and find some of that peace in the clattering, warping, slow-building “Home.” It’s in there.

Clipd Beaks – “Home” (MP3)

To Realize is out 1/26 via Lovepump.

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