Feistodon – “A Commotion” Interactive Video

Feist and Mastodon’s (AKA Feistodon’s) collaborative “A Commotion”/”Black Tongue” split was one of the highlights of this year’s Record Store Day exclusives. Five thousand copies of the 7″ sold out, but starting today you can buy it digitally from Feist’s and Mastodon’s official sites. The artists have also unleashed an interactive HTML5 video for “A Commotion,” directed by Vice Cooler, featuring Leslie smashing instruments and generally tearing shit up. The interactive part is that you can toggle the audio between the Mastodon version and the Metals original. Check it out at listentofeist.com or mastodonrocks.com, or watch a non-interactive version below:

Tags: Feist, Mastodon