LCD Soundsystem Launch Studio Vlog

James Murphy eloquently ripped the internet a new asshole — an impressive feat considering its already full of them — but that’s not stopping him from using it to offer up tidbits on his anticipated new record. There were the amusing Facebook updates, but now he’s gone one better, releasing a video bit filmed in the L.A. mansion that doubled as homestead and studiostead for all his friends. That’s how it starts. On his process: “I always have to live where I’m recording, and that’s full stop. To make an LCD record I have to live there. Otherwise I get distracted by stuff … so I don’t get to work by 3. This way I wake up and I’m already here, ready to go.” And on why he chose a Los Angeles mansion with a pool as the site of recording: “‘Cause it would be awesome dude, have you seen this place?” Fair enough.

LCD’s new record is expected in March, which is also when Greenberg comes out (3/12), the Noah Baumbach film which James soundtracked and even cameos in. After that, catch ‘em opening for Jay-Z on the Coachella mainstage.