The Hold Steady Get “Sequestered In Memphis” For Letterman

Pretty rocking Late Show last night: Dave welcomed Neil Young to the couch to talk about his efforts at engineering alternatively fueled cars, and the show dedicated two entire segments to the Hold Steady. The first was a pre-recorded bit with comedian and occasional Late Show man on the street Andy Kindler, who was tasked to profile this group that had “quietly become the best rock band in America.” Since Andy looks like this, though, it was mostly a profile in how Craig and Kindler look a lot alike but Finn is probably getting laid more. (Andy: “From (your) voice I expected the brooding sexuality of Jim Morrison, the golden locks of Robert Plant … you look like me! Why am I not a rock star?” Craig: “Well I dunno, maybe you’re doing something wrong?”) Uncle Dave’s taking his time posting the bit to his site, so while we wait on that, here’s “Sequestered,” with horns and handclaps:

This isn’t the first time THS have visited the Late Show, but it’s fair to think they’re gonna get a bigger bump from last night’s show. Vagrant’s psyched. Stay Positive’s out.