Vampire Weekend All Dressed Up Like The Cure

These guys are wasting no time. Ezra, Chris, Rostam, and Chris — gothed up and standing on the beach — spoke with MTV’s John Norris about the forthcoming, fourth video for “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.” Here’s word from the Jersey Shore:

There’s the story line — something VW have not done until now. “I think with this one we consciously decided … we’ve done fairly abstract videos in the past, in that there’s no narrative,” Koenig said. “We thought maybe it’d be fun if there were actual characters. … We used to shy away from anything that even came close to ‘acting’ in videos, but in this one there is interaction among people, so in that sense it is more of a story. There are preppy people in it and non-preppy people in it. So it was a chance to have some of our friends come be in the video.”

One of those friends is a red-haired goth girl who connects with the band and figures into their ghoulish transformation. She’s played by Batmanglij’s friend Jenny Murray and looks like she could’ve stepped right out of a John Hughes movie. “We should also mention that this video is set in the ’80s,” he told me. “It’s the first time we’ve done a video not set in the present. And we actually mentioned John Hughes in talking about this. I think there’s a Tim Burton element as well.”

John Hughes, and not Wes Anderson, got it. It is in vogue. Check out some photos from the set after the jump.

Also revealed: Peter Gabriel’s “Kwassa” cover “looks like it’s happening,” according to Ezra. Read more at, and if you’re going to the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend, you can see Vampire Weekend on Saturday at 5 PM.