New Brilliant Colors Video – “English Cities” (Stereogum Premiere)

“English Cities” is a kinetic pop track from San Francisco trio Brilliant Colors’ full-length debut, Introducing. The 10 songs (in just about 24 minutes) follow hard-to-track-down singles on Makes A Mess and Captured Tracks. The group’s fronted by singer/guitarist Jess Scott, who started the band in 2007, fleshing things out with ex-Carnal Knowledge guitarist Diane Anastasio on drums (she reportedly moved west to work for Maximum Rock’n’Roll) and Slits touring-guitarist Michelle Hill. You get the Slits and plenty of early DIY punk in atmosphere and an energy that’s akin to the updated takes of Huggy Bear and Excuse 17, etc., but the punk bursts come wrapped in a Shop Assistants-esque/early Slumberland pop haze. The Anthony Atlas-directed video for Introducing’s “English Cities” places shifting colors (some brilliant, some muted) over an urban/industrial/highway/roadside backdrop.

To paint your town/vacation destination:

Brilliant Colors – “English Cities” (MP3)

Introducing is out via Slumberland.