New Futureheads Video – “Walking Backwards”

“Walking Backwards” is probably a love song, or at least a song about love falling apart; “I can see your breath and feel your fingertips” isn’t the kind of line you drop in a song that’s anything but romantic (ok, a murder anthem maybe). That said, the video offers up an entirely different reading: here the Futureheads are fighting for control with the control booth dudes in the studio, having their hair placed just so in cheesily fabricated rooftop album cover shoots, and are generally, quite literally, puppets. So when Barry sings “We made a promise to keep our mouths shut / Stay out of the way / That promise went too far / That promise went too far away,” I think he’s saying starting Nul Records was the best thing he’s ever done. And on this single, it sounds like it, too.

This is video number three from the band’s last record; for numbers one and two, click here and here.

This Is Not The World is out via the band’s Nul label.