Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week was bookended by a pair of songs — Animal Collective’s “Today’s Supernatural” and Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again” — that come from two of our most anticipated albums of the year. Are you so excited? You guys seem pretty excited about them. I am too. Which do love more? Who would win in a fight, Ed Droste or Avey Tare? After you place your bets, check out this week’s highest and lowest rated comments of the week, as voted on by you, below. (Also, you have a few more hours to stream all of Yeasayer’s Fragrant World here before the clips get scraped from YouTube. So get on that if you haven’t yet.)


#10 yoko_oh_no | Jul 31st Score:24

I honestly don’t understand why Chris Brown hasn’t been collectively shunned by the music community.

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#8 JaggerT | Jul 31st Score:28

I may be out of touch, but the ‘Best Rock Video’ category made a couple claims that were shocking to me:
1. Coldplay is a rock band.
2. Linkin Park still exists.

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Joe Howse | Jul 30th Score:28

Courtney Love – ‘Nobody out-crazies me! Where’s my phone?’

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#6 crumbles | Jul 30th Score:28

Maybe you should stop spending so much time listening to music you don’t like.

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Danny Devereauxx | Aug 2nd Score:30

this song is very disrespectful to the haters

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#4 plb102 | Jul 27th Score:33

But if he were alive I bet he’d be hittin’ that shit.

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#3 dbr | Jul 30th Score:38

Joe Howse: he’ll take your Animal Collective puns and Tare them to pieces.

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#2 letsplaytwister | Jul 31st Score:41

To MTV, “rock” is just anything with real drums I think.

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#1 old man rock | Jul 30th Score:61

The scene in the new Batman movie were 3,000 men are stuck in a cavernous sewer is also about Courthey’s vagina.

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#5 sellingthefuckout | Jul 27th Score:-8

But, he’s gay ya’ll…!!!!!

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#4 andy_james | Jul 31st Score:-15

haha clever!

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#3 jmusic | Jul 27th Score:-16

What better way to celebrate then checking out Florida’s only Smiths/Morrissey cover band “The Ordinary Boys” who will be performing tonight at The Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale… South FLoridians see the event here—>

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Jean-Baptiste Say | Aug 1st Score:-21


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#1 andy_james | Jul 31st Score:-28

i really wish stereogum would stop sucking frank oceans cock. he fuckin sucks! please give up the rap/ hip hop bullshit and focus on what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about, INDIE MUSIC!

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Nick Burica | Jul 31st Score:2

frickin rich dudes

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