Courtney Love Still Pissed At Ryan Adams, Blogging About It

There’s a follow-up to Courtney’s MySpace bulletin from Saturday which accused Ryan Adams of emptying Frances Bean Cobain’s trust fund, leaving her with hardly enough to eat. It’s titled “Dante’s Inferno” and attempts to convince us that her story is not implausible it could happen to anyone yes there were 74 visa cards in addition to the 29 amexes and mark lanegan is totally underrated.

so it took 5 years YES to get all 29 amexes sorted through and an absolute time line, so WHAT?
have YOU ever willingly ever had 29 amexes? NO! me neither. and when you see a passing “Guitar Center” charge on an amex if your a musician do you double check it?

There is more of course…

NO! so i had to got o my production manager as that year was especially horrific, and we made a time line, you have NO idea what that few years was like for us, and you’ll all get it soon, as its just a terrible descent into Dante’s Inferno and because i simply do not suspect evil in people, so if some loser is making two albums unlikely as it seems at once and there’s charges for entire outboard gear , fabulous dinners while i scrounged to feed my child – well sorry but I’m fucking PISSED, that’s that. Ive tried to “communicate” but am i really supposed to call or write or have a lawyer call or write the former “Business Manager” who applied for the 74 Visas and 29 amexes and enabled all this insanity and say “oh out of the XX,XXXXX you stole would you mind paying for some suck ass indie album”
how does one do that?
i had a very heavy evening but since we are becoming terrifyingly great, I’m happy to oblige you Gawker people for about oh one more millisecond.
Otherwise we are amazing and I’m listening to Lanegan in the wee hours very loud, and he as always is so underrated and so fucking evocative and an American Treasure, and i wonder what hes up to. not an indie record which sucks, not anything he does.
just trying and succeeding i hope you’ll agree at finding my voice
its alright ma, im only bleeding

Ryan Adams hasn’t e-mailed me his side of the story, but reader Stephen B helpfully points to this old RA interview from USA Today:

“Whether I have a label behind me or not, I’m going to do this anyway,” he says. “I’m going to find the money to make records.”

For Rock N Roll, he found the money in his wallet. After tinkering on a four-track recorder in his basement with drummer Johnny T. Yerington, Adams opted for a studio test run.

“I didn’t tell the label anything about it,” he says. “I just got an idea to go into the studio and see how it sounded on analog tape. I put a weekend of studio time on my credit card and walked out with an 11-song record.”

i.e., one of them is full of shit.