Paul McCartney Joins Billy Joel For Shea Stadium Goodbye

“I know, I suck,” Billy Joel told a sold-out Shea Stadium Wednesday night, apologizing for scheduling a second Last Play At Shea at the Mets ballpark two days later. I attended the first night (yes I am from Long Island) and the special guests were Tony Bennett, Don Henley, John Mellencamp, and John Mayer, who I predicted because he just seems like a Billy Joel fan. The Beatles famously played Shea’s first rock concert in ’65, and it surprised absolutely no one when Macca came on night two; the three Beatles covers played on Wedneday were a hint. Between songs (every album was represented), the Piano Man spritzed his throat and mopped his brow with a towel. It looked sad on the Jumbotron, but thank god for that Jumbotron because my seats were abysmal. The guy who put encore “Let It Be” on YouTube was in the front row.

Highlights from night one: “Allentown,” any song with a reference to the tri-state area (i.e., most songs), Carl Fisher’s fugelhorn solo on “Zanzibar,” and not having to hear “Walk This Way” (Steven Tyler was a special guest Friday, along with Garth Brooks and Roger Daltrey).

This is all going to be in a documentary/DVD in the near future. Here is John Mayer on “This Is The Time.” You thought you were reading Stereogum today, but actually Welcome To Prom you guys.