Watch Penn Badgley Cover Jeff Buckley

As previously discussed, Penn Badgley, best known as Gossip Girl’s inflated Brooklyn pseudo-intellectual Dan Humphrey, is playing Jeff Buckley in the forthcoming biopic Greetings From Tim Buckley (that’s a photo of him in character above). This is one of two competing forthcoming Jeff Buckley biopics — the other stars Spider-Man Broadway guy Reeve Carney — and it’s the one that doesn’t have the rights to use any of Jeff Buckley’s actual music, which is honestly probably better for all concerned. But so anyway, Badgley showed up this past weekend at New York’s Cameo Gallery, opening for the Cribs’ Ryan Jarman, and he played three of the Jeff Buckley songs that he can’t sing in the movie. Below, we’ve got footage of him singing “Lilac Wine,” and it’s fairly impressive, at least from a technical standpoint; all those showoffy swoops and trills can’t be easy to duplicate. But it also still sounds very much like Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl painstakingly recreating a Jeff Buckley song, if that makes any sense. Watch it below.

Greetings From Tim Buckley is still in post-production. Frank Wood, who played Murray’s co-worker Greg on Flight Of The Concords, plays Gary Lucas.