R.E.M. Announce Deluxe 25th Anniversary Document

It wasn’t even two weeks ago that we named Document R.E.M.s very best album ever, and what do you know: Today, the band announces an expanded re-release of that very album. Yes, the 1987 LP is ostensibly being reissued to celebrate its 25th anniversary, but you gotta admit, the timing is a little suspicious, no? No? Welll … OK. The 2-CD Document 25th Anniversary Edition will be released on 9/25 via Capitol/I.R.S. and will include: the digitally remastered original album; a previously unreleased 1987 concert from the Work tour; and new liner notes by journalist David Daley. Listen to Peter Buck’s introduction to Document and welcome message for the 1987 New Music Seminar, and check out the reissue tracklist, below.

CD 1 (digitally remastered original album)
01 Finest Worksong”
02 Welcome To The Occupation”
03 “Exhuming McCarthy”
04 “Disturbance At The Heron House”
05 “Strange”
06 “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
07 “The One I Love”
08 “Fireplace”
09 “Lightnin’ Hopkins”
10 “King Of Birds”
11 “Oddfellows Local 151″

CD 2 (previously unreleased Work tour concert, recorded live in Utrecht, Holland – September 14, 1987)
01 “Finest Worksong”
02 “These Days”
03 “Lightnin’ Hopkins”
04 “Welcome To The Occupation”
05 “Driver 8″
06 “Feeling Gravitys Pull”
07 “I Believe”
08 “The One I Love”
09 “Exhuming McCarthy”
10 “Wolves, Lower”
11 “Fall On Me”
12 “Just A Touch”
13 “Oddfellows Local 151″
14 “Little America”
15 “It’s the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
16 “Begin The Begin”
17 “Disturbance At The Heron House”
18 “Moral Kiosk”
19 “Life And How To Live It”
20 “So. Central Rain”

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