Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck Do Morning Becomes Eclectic

In last weekend’s excellent NY Times profile, Charlotte told the Grey Lady “I was trying desperately to write a couple of lines, and in a few minutes [Beck] had a whole song. I suggested some of the song titles, wrote a line or two here and there. But really, Beck did everything.” She’s speaking of course about IRM, the dusky and engrossing song-cycle Hansen composed for Gainsbourg, out this week on Because Records. Despite it being Beck’s creation on paper it belongs to both in sound, Charlotte’s vocal imprinting each melody with laconic/sultry/’60s cool, inhabiting each character like the able actress she is. Seeing her last week on Letterman and at the Bell House (in one of her first-ever public performances) was great, because she’s playing great songs. That’s how that goes. But those performances were missing Beck’s essence, so it’s worthwhile to see the pair reliving their collaboration in this 41-minute session for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, which you can watch here along with that “Trick Pony” for Letterman:

The first time we’ve seen ‘em together since this. Here’s Ms. Gainsbourg without Beck on Letterman:

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