New Devendra Banhart Video (Feat. Natalie Portman) – “Carmensita”

“Carmensita”? More like “Bhagavad Gita,” am i right? No, I am the worst. But that means DevBan and his his girlfriend are, too, for making this morning about hammy jokery at the expense of sacred and Hindu things. The track title, the sounds, and the lyrics’ language don’t do much to evoke Hindustan, but Devendra roots this vid — for a track from the long gone Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon — in older (as in ancient kali yuga) era Bollywood. Not that the cross-cultural mish mash should be surprising; this is a guy who’s cultivated an image equal parts forest-dwelling Venezuelan gypsy and starlet-devouring Hollywood scenester. He’s good at playing it two ways. And so to wit, here’s the vid for his Spanish song featuring Kali, Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Natalie Portman, and series of silly subtitles.

Nice mudras, Devendra. Smokey Rolls is out via XL.