New Lemonade – “Lifted”

Percussive BK outfit Lemonade are working shit out on their great, heavily rotated new five-track EP Pure Moods, the followup to last year’s self-titled full-length debut. The trio’s tracks hit the dancefloor from all angles, filtering a worldly rhythmic sense and digital peripherals through their Brooklyn-based lens. Front and center are Alex Pasternak’s ferocious drumset workouts and Callan Clendenin’s cutting vocals, defined by a bar-by-bar attention to tonal texture and left-field electronic filigree. Pure Moods is the right title for the set, catching a band cutting the clutter and homing in on their distinct strain of highly danceable, vaguely experimental post-punk. Steel drums ping off of the synths and polyrhythmic clatter in “Remain In Jah,” color the Caribbean lilt and stomp of opener “Banana Republic.” Clendenin’s melodies are etched with modal half-steps in the seven-and-a-half minute, shifty, digitally squiggled centerpiece “Underwater Sonics.” Closer “Sunsplash” is a quirk-encrusted equatorial beachfront love jam. Standout among standouts “Lifted,” the set’s second track and first free MP3, is another for lovers: The main riff is a trickling xylophone punctuated with sampled laughter and liquid squishes, and the hum of rolled steel drums, opened up by a phased synth and by Calen’s slow-jam come ons: “I said oh girl, where you going to … I see my whole life come together around you.” Pure mood, dudes.

Lemonade – “Lifted” (MP3)

The band’s generously made “Underwater Sonics” available for listening as well: hear it at MySpace. Wait for that beat-break at 1:24.

Pure Moods is out 3/9 via True Panther Sounds/Matador. Get it.

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