Slumberland Preps Black Tambourine Anthology

That early, noisier Slumberland sound I rhapsodized about on the label’s 20th anniversary — see Black Tambourine, the Ropers, Henry’s Dress, Swirlies, Lilys — pops up all over the place these days in subtle and not-so-subtle nods, so it’s good timing for a new Black Tambourine compilation, one that goes beyond the Complete Recordings released in 2002: The songs have been remastered this time and the expanded tracklist includes two previously unreleased early demos and four new songs. Literally “new”: The original members reunited to record two old songs they’d never put to tape and did covers of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” and Buddy Holly’s “Heartbeat” while they were it. As far as the history: The band, which formed in the 1989 and called it quits by 1991, included (and, I guess, again includes) Velocity Girl’s Archie Moore, Pam Berry (who co-founded Chickfactor zine), Whorl’s Brian Nelson, and Mike Schulman, who played with Nelson in Whorl and founded Slumberland. So a super group of the One Last Kiss generation. Think J&MC, Pastels, Shop Assistants, 14 Iced Bears, etc. Or take a listen to the opener “For Ex-Lovers Only.”

Black Tambourine – “For Ex-Lovers Only” (MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “For Ex-Lovers Only”
02 “Black Car”
03 “Pack You Up”
04 “Can’t Explain”
05 “I Was Wrong”
06 “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge”
07 “Drown”
08 “We Can’t Be Friends”
09 “By Tomorrow”
10 “Pam’s Tan”
11 “For Ex-Lovers Only” (First Demo)
12 “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge” (First Demo)
13 “Heartbeat”
14 “Lazy Heart”
15 “Tears of Joy”
16 “Dream Baby Dream”

Black Tambourine is out 3/30 via Slumberland. You can get it on vinyl, if you’d like to keep things scene appropriate. I posted “Black Car” a ways back. It’s not the remastered version, no, but hey:

Black Tambourine – “Black Car” (MP3)