The Darkness – “Street Spirit” (Radiohead Cover)

I kinda feel like the Darkness don’t do themselves any favors. They take every cliche in the Spinal Tap playbook, blow it up to Jumbotron proportions, and add assless chaps. I mean, just look at that album cover. But here’s the thing: They’re fantastic songwriters and musicians. I genuinely love and listen to both their albums (2003’s The Darkness and ’05’s One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back, a title that must have been deemed “too over-the-top” by Meat Loaf) and I don’t see how any fans of Queen and/or Judas Priest don’t feel exactly the same way. The Darkness have been doing “Street Spirit” in concert forever, and now they’re including a studio version of the song on their new album, Hot Cakes. Listen:

Hot Cakes is out 8/21 via Wind-Up.