Download Riff Raff Birth Of An Icon Mixtape

On the one hand, Houston internet-rap enigma Riff Raff is what would happen if Lil B achieved some sort of self-consciousness and figured out that he’s pretty funny; the man has the Worldstar logo tattooed on his body, after all. On the other, he’s a pretty great rapper, especially if your taste in rappers extends toward absurdly self-aggrandizing punchlines. His delivery always falls just off the beat, but his hooks have a hypnotic quality, and at least one line on every one of his songs tends to have the dangerous ability to bounce around inside your skull all day. Riff recently signed with Mad Decent, and Birth Of An Icon, his new mixtape with the label, works as something of an introduction to the man — YouTube jams finally given some mastering, alongside a few new songs. Collaborations with Major Lazer, Action Bronson, and Chief Keef all appear. Download it here.

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