Skrillex Reveals Kanye West Collab

Insanely popular dubstep lightning-rod Skrillex has some interesting news regarding a possible new Kanye West album: “I did some music with Kanye, and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album.” If this is true, it’s probably the first time in recorded human history that Kanye has found himself playing catch-up to Korn.

Of course, lots of people have claimed to be working with Kanye in the past, and not all of those proclamations come to pass. And this quote, from a recent Daily Beast Skrillex profile, is, after all, the first we’ve heard of an impending Kanye solo album. But Kanye has nerded out on Twitter over Skrillex remixes in the past, and Watch The Throne had a couple of big honking dubstep drops on it. So this is entirely possible, and I think it could turn out pretty badass. But you guys already know how I feel about Skrillex.