Major Lazer Cover Beyoncé

OK so the Grannys (right? Because of how old they are? Terrible.) happened last night, we’ve covered it. Hopefully you were doing better things, like watching Coldplay be funny on The Simpsons or, if you’re a weirdo, something not TV related at all. But if you were watching the NARAS shitshow, hopefully you were also following along on Diplo’s Twitter, for choice moments like “ jeff beck needs to break his guitar over his own head ” — which is true although I expect Lefsetz’s inevitable email later today to firmly disagree — or even choicer moments, like when he tweeted this:

And it is true, Beyoncé won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Halo,” Major Lazer covered “Halo” with Jamaican dancehall dude Elephant Man on vocals, and the MP3 was released via Twitter mid-Grammys. Quite stylish.

Major Lazer – “Halo” (Beyonce Cover Feat. Elephant Man) (MP3)

The artist field in the original ID3 tag read “Diplo shoulda won grammy” (I fixed for you). Thanks for everything, @diplo. You may not have won a Grammy, but you did with The Grammys. You know?