Muse Go Dubstep

In the buildup to their new album The 2nd Law, pomp-rock superstars Muse have been talking up the Skrillexy side of dubstep, which really only means that they’re a popular rock band recording music in 2012, and they have to come down in either the pro- or anti-dubstep side of the conversation. But sure enough, their new track “The 2nd Law – Unsustainable,” despite a few instants of triumphant prog harmony and guitar heroism, is pretty much a straight-up gut-demolishing dubstep track. Its video even has a CGI robot who’s really mad about the energy crisis. Observe:

One thing about Muse: They’re richer than God, so they don’t need to risk alienating their audience by going Full Skrillex like this. It’s definitely an honest, sincere move. Still: Pretty goofy! Anyway, The 2nd Law is out 10/1 on Helium 3.

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