Alternate Passion Pit Video – “Sleepyhead”

Are we all aware of how big Passion Pit is at this point? To put it in some context, they recently played a sold-out three-night run of shows at Terminal 5 in NYC. For those not from NYC, T5 is a 3,000-capacity midtown venue of last resort that has sound like the inside of a portapotty at a music festival (with sightlines to match) where you go to see Julian Casablancas because he’s “too big” for smaller rooms now. (To put Passion Pit’s success in further context, I’m pretty sure Julian didn’t sell out either of his shows there. Though he was pretty great.) Anyway, “Sleepyhead” was the jam of choice when Scott and I first encountered the band at the 140-capacity LES venue Pianos a year and a half ago. It’s so good that they held it over from their debut EP Chunk Of Change to their debut LP Manners, and then gave it a good video.

Now there’s this alternate version, which is likely from the Chunk Of Change era, which we suspect the band (or its management) is deliberately leaking. The “fan” who is spreading it created Vimeo and user accounts “ssarenofun” within the past week and posted the video in both places. He’s made only one other Coachella forum post prior:

[passion pit] are so fun and catchy! one of the best bands around right now, on album AND LIVE! Saw them in lollapalooza 09 and it was soooo goood. wish i could go to coachella to see them. anyone wanna pay…

Clearly someone who works for/is in the band, no? Still, great song and obviously an official video that cost $ and was perhaps abandoned in favor of the better one that was released. Have a go at it:

Sorry to get all Detectivegum on you, but there it is.

UPDATE: Official word’s come from the band’s management, Team 8:

This video was shot before French Kiss/Columbia and Team 8 Management were involved with Passion Pit. The video precedes the current video of “Sleepyhead” … and was rejected by the band and management. We don’t know who leaked the video, but can assure you that it did not come from our camp.

Aha. The Chunk Of Change EP and Manners LP are both out.

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