New Deerhoof Single Is Sheet Music

Deerhoof’s Offend Maggie is out this October. Adding a wrinkle to the current trend of fan-made remixes and videos, the band’s released the album’s first single “Fresh Born” as a score that fans (or whatever) can download and record. Once they’re finished, they can upload it as an MP3 that other fans are able to then listen to on the band’s site. You can download the score, upload your hit single, and get the full info here. (If you want, you’re free to also click on the image on this very page to see it in larger form and start cribbing now.)

The sheet music was debuted (i.e. passed around) this past Friday at Deerhoof’s show in Brooklyn. Those folks got a heard start, have already birthed some “Fresh Born”‘s. Check it out. The band will release their version of the song, too. Let’s hope it’s better than that guy’s. Just kidding that guy.

Offend Maggie is out 10/7 on Kill Rock Stars.

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