Norah Jones – “Miriam (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

The last we saw of Norah Jones’s Danger Mouse-collabo “Miriam” was the official video, which featured her in her Sunday finest sitting in a paddle boat with a bloody oar, and eventually, a disturbing explanation for these facts. Poor Miriam! It was a fittingly unsettling video treatment for an interestingly unsettling NoJo production, though obviously nobody showed it to Peter, Björn, or John, who join heads to deliver a remix that makes the track a little more “driving down the highway with the top rolled down” than “dolled up in the middle of a pond dealing with the existential crisis that follows bludgeoning someone into a watery grave with an unlikely death instrument.” So, pretty poppy! Have a listen:

Norah Jones – “Miriam (Peter Bjorn And John Remix)”

Norah’s Little Broken Hearts is out now on Blue Note/EMI.