Odd Future Fans Cause Controversy On Fairfax, Set Tree On Fire

Last week, an LA Weekly feature pointed to increasing tension on Los Angeles’s Fairfax Ave., a once-quiet area frequented by skater-types but now has become something of a haven flocks of tourists trying to get a glimpse of Odd Future members, many of whom can be found lingering around their OF pop-up store (located on Fairfax and Oakwood) and the nearby location for the legendary streetwear brand Supreme. Context:

In fact, the local hip-hop crew — which became a worldwide phenomenon in 2010 — is largely responsible for the Fairfax District’s blossoming, thanks to its hanging out there and wearing Supreme attire in the crew’s videos. But Caruso echoes the complaints of many local employees who aren’t enthusiastic about all the attention: The street’s now “attracting Hollywood,” he laments.

It didn’t really help things earlier this month when a bottle rocket launched by these same tourists and fans set a palm tree aflame near Fairfax Ave’s most famous local landmark, Canter’s Deli (there’s video below). Gawker reports that the awning of nearby Damiano Mr. Pizza was also burned in the fracas, which happened on 8/1.

It’s true that Tyler is shouldering some of the blame but, damn, what a fucking mess. It’s certainly relateable to anybody who has lived in a neighborhood that suddenly got hip and the vicious thrall — some good, some bad, all weird — that usually happens afterward. The band is paying the damages, though, which is good. Image via Hollywood Reporter.

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