Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman Resurfaces In Africa

Jaz Coleman is a legendary bark-wailer who, during his more lucid moments, fronts the industrial-postpunk band Killing Joke. But two weeks ago, after someone purporting to be Coleman Facebook-bashed the Cult and the Mission, two bands who Killing Joke was planning to tour with, Coleman himself disappeared completely. His bandmates claimed not to know where he was and asked for help locating him. Well, Coleman himself has now turned up, saying that he’s in the “Western Sahara.” He doesn’t specify which country.

As The Guardian points out, Coleman announced his return to the world in a Facebook post that comes phrased like a press release, claiming that he’s been working on a new book, solo album, and TV score, and that he’s been living a “nomadic existence.” And while he says that the previous Facebook comments came from “an impersonator,” he also says that those comments have caused “a right ding dong” and that “it’s impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances.”

Imagine being in a band with this guy!