Come Listen To Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping & Watch Grizzly Bear’s Letterman Performance With Us Tonight

The new of Montreal record release is on the horizon (10/7), Grizzly Bear is finally playing Letterman, and those sound like great reasons for a party. If you’re around the East Village tonight, come over to Hi Fi from 10PM-12:30AM and join us and the Polyvinyl folks in an exclusive listening experience: for the first and only time pre-release, of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping LP will be played publicly in its entirety. (Officially, that is — DJing a party in a park with a leaked copy doesn’t count.) After we’ve been sufficiently oM’d, all eyes will be on the Hi Fi screens to watch Grizzly Bear debut their new song “Two Weeks” at the Ed Sullivan Theatre (tonight featuring Doveman on piano).

Note: No members of of Monty or Grizzly Bear will be there (Kevin & Co. are in Athens, and the Grizz are going back upstate to record). But the drinks will be cheap ($3 on Brooklyn Beers ’til midnight) and we’ll tip ‘em back and be nerds together in their honor. Flyer with full details below.

See ya there.