A Day In The Life Of Man Man In Paris

Man Man recently did a five-song “Take Away Show” for La Blogothèque. A few are labeled as “warm-ups” — the fragments should be recognizable to fans of the band (“Warmup 2 – The Deal” = “Doo Right,” etc.). Each of these bits is enjoyable in its own way (there’s a Metallica cover in Warmup 3), but the most sustained clip is the epic epilogue, “A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera,” where Honus talks about a broken heart (the dude she married has a mustache) and that the show must go on. And it does: They turn the city into their drum set. As far as the explanation for all of this Parisian vagabond rock, I can’t make out all the French, but the words “Tom Waits” are in there somewhere. Whatever the case, it’s definitely more spacious than when they recently crammed into the Black Cab.

These guys could have their own reality show. Watch the four other clips here.

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