New U.S. Girls Video – “Red Ford Radio”

When I posted about the blown-out gospel-noise of U.S. Girls a couple Septembers ago, I referred to it as the “Chicago/Portland project of Megan Remy.” Now it’s the Philadelphia project of Megan Remy. And it’s even better. Her excellent second Siltbreeze full-length Go Grey, which yokes hiss and dark pop hooks into a claustrophobically expansive 28-minute blast, is out today. The first bit of feedback to emerge from is the sing-song “Red For Radio.” It’s actually not my favorite song on the collection (see, instead “I Don’t Have a Mind of My Own,” “The Mountain’s High,” “Summer Of The Yellow Dress”), but it’s a good one and the appropriate entryway, for sure. It arrives with this impressive video co-directed by Jacqueline Castel and the animator Preston Spurlock. Castel told us the clip was “created on the flatbed of a b + w photocopier,” i.e. “none of it was digitally created/manipulated. Every frame was hand collaged, photocopied, scanned, and then edited together.” Totally in the spirit of Remy’s hand-manipulated universe.

The MP3:

U.S. Girls – “Red Ford Radio” (MP3)

Go Grey is out today (2/2) via Siltbreeze.

You’ll hear more at MySpace. Oldies:

U.S. Girls – “Kelly In The Other Room, Me In My Room” (MP3)
U.S. Girls – “St. Jude Boys Choir” (MP3)

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