New Gnarls Barkley Video – “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?”

The Internet got its first listen to “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?” when ?uestlove leaked it (as much as you can call sharing a good friend’s track with permission a “leak”) to YouTube. It was no simple, static-image YouTube stream, though; Ahmir made a show of both his lip syncing ability (i.e. he knew the words) and the breadth of his video filter color palette (i.e. he knew iMovie). Today’s is a more official sort of video, though, which Friday Night Lights fans will realize when they say “oh shit there’s Smash’s girlfriend” (actress Aasha Davis, who played crazy Waverly), Lonely Island fans will realize when they say “holy crap there’s Jorma,” and everyone else will realize when the heart in the middle of the table starts singing like a bloody, California Raisin Cee-Lo.

Umm, bloody awesome. That’s a downcast tune, but trust a band like Gnarls to find an animated spin on it (and just props to director Chris Milk, too). Moral of the story: Gnarls Barkley are not fans of getting caught in the friend trap. Second moral of the story: I am the best at determining morals of the stories.

The Odd Couple is out via Atlantic.