New Frog Eyes – “A Flower In A Glove”

Led by sagacious howler, songwriter, and occasional op-ed writer Carey Mercer, Frog Eyes are following 2007’s Tears Of The Valedictorian with Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph. We’ve only heard the collection’s 9-minute opener “A Flower In A Glove,” but so far … a triumph indeed. That said, like his Swan Lake bandmate Dan Bejar’s monumental “Bay Of Pigs” disco or his own Enemy Mine standout “Spanish Gold, 2044” (to choose a more recent Mercer composition), “A Flower” deserves repeat listens and plenty of unpacking. For starters, note the awesome build at 4:42 while you get to the bottom the song’s words, the album cover, etc.

Frog Eyes – “A Flower In A Glove” (MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “A Flower In A Glove”
02 “The Sensitive Girls”
03 “Odetta’s War”
04 “Rebel Horns”
05 “Lear, In The Park”
06 “Styled By Dr. Roberts”
07 “Lear In Love”
08 “Violent Psalms”
09 “Paul’s Tomb”

Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph is out 4/26 in the UK and 4/27 in the US via Dead Oceans.

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