Video From Karen O’s Native Korean Rock Show

Things move fast like too fast on the Internet, and OK, we sometimes (always) have a hand in that. This time, though, an artist pushed things along at a pace all her own, and there was no way we could keep up: The day we left for Fork Fest, Karen O unveiled her new solo project Native Korean Rock. The night we got back, NKR played its first shows. While we never stood a chance to actually check it for ourselves, Miss Modern Age was there at Union Pool on Monday night and set the scene like so:

The stage was set up like a kid’s school production of “South Pacific”, with a nautical extravaganza situated on the stage. A ship bow dead smack front and center, silver cellophane covering the floor, reflecting the blue and purple clear cellophane positioned by the monitors and drum kit-giving the impression of a dreamy sea. A foamy seascape hung as a backdrop.

When the band came out, they were all clad in white, with little sailor’s caps donning their heads. As the ship’s leader, Miss Karen was decked out in a checked button down shirt, black poofy skirt with pockets, and a captain’s hat with “Native Korean Rock” written in the band.

I love things that involve sea men (nullus, and my inner 8th grader wasn’t going to allow that to not happen), and truly these videos Miss Modern captured make me wish we could have bumped out flights up a little bit and get there in time.

“Day Go By”

“Comes The Night”

You can still hear five songs, none of which are captured in those two videos, at Native Korean Rock’s MySpace.