New Melpo Mene Video – “I Adore You”

The Swedish group Melpo Mene’s fronted by Erik Mattiasson, who has one of those soft Swedish voices. You know the kind. The song “I Adore You” comes from the band’s forthcoming Bring The Lions Out. The song’s cute, but it has a somewhat darker ambiance and sound (see “soft Swedish voices”). The video could go a few ways — maybe upping the cute factor, doing a straight-up live performance, or finding a way to plumb those more melancholic corners. They went for the former via paper cutout animation documenting the love and loss story of a dude with a guitar and a girl with red hair.

The clip was directed by Dominique Blair At Blue Chocolate Productions. The track’s also being used for a new Volvo commercial. No offense to Dominique, but I prefer the commercial. It feels more human.

Or listen without images and come up with your own:

Melpo Mene – “I Adore You” (MP3)

Bring The Lions Out is out now digitally. The band’s talking to labels re: a physical release. You can stream it at MySpace.

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