Nas Brings Boxes and “Sly Fox” To Colbert

187,000 albums later, Nas has elbowed Lil Wayne and Coldplay out of the way for the top spot on the album charts this week. 620,127 signed petitions later, Nas has elbowed Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann out of the way for some room at the Bill O’Reilly Haters Ball. Yesterday Nas stacked all those petitions in boxes, taped their total number to each box’s side, and delivered a prepared statement outside Fox News HQ in NYC, protesting what he believes is racially biased coverage of Barack Obama. ( lists some of Nas’s cited examples: an onscreen graphic referring to Michelle Obama as “baby mama,” referring to Michelle’s critics as a “lynching party,” and of course the infamous “terrorist fist jab.”)

The boxes’ tour didn’t end their though; hate on Fox and you’re gonna get a satirical grill down from Stephen Colbert. Nas is there to perform his anti-Fox News tune “Sly Fox,” but first he and Stephen have a seat on those 620,127 signatures to talk about Papa Bear, to discuss the controversial former title to Nas’s new album (Colbert gets Nas’s blessing to say it backwards, so “Reggin please” doesn’t come too far behind), and to allow Stephen to say he will “pop the truth in your ass.”

Here’s “Sly Fox”:

Bonus: Videogum has video of Stephen explaining the 620,127 Fox News protest, as well as a message to Geraldo on America’s behalf.