DOOM – “Gazzillion Ear (Babe Rainbow Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Vancouver’s Cameron Reed, aka Babe Rainbow, builds eerie, bump-in-the-night electronic landscapes he files under “surf-step.” The compositions are chilly and atmospheric, but maintain momentum despite the fractures: Think SALEM, Norwegian hypnotist Svarte Greiner, a disembodied Fever Ray/Knife. Reed’s done remixes for a diverse cast (Midnight Juggernauts, Wavves, Comanechi, You Say Party! We Say Die!). Now, on the eve (relatively speaking) of his debut EP, he’s added twists to DOOM/MF Doom’s Born Like This bonus track “Gazzillion Ear,” previously tweaked by Thom Yorke. This one shows up on a mixtape that’ll see the light of day dark of night pretty soon.

DOOM – “Gazzillion Ear (Babe Rainbow Remix)” (MP3)

To get a better sense of Babe Rainbow on his own, here’s a video for the Shaved EP opener “Popcommon.”

And the second track, “Screwby.”

There’ll be a video for each track on the EP. You’ll find teasers here. The Shaved EP is out on 12″ and as digital download 2/8 via Warp. Look for mixtape by Vancouver DJ Rico Uno housing the Doom remix. As Reed put it yesterday at MySpace:

I got my dude Rico Uno mixing up the first Babe Rainbow mixtape with a cross section of my last year of music: EP tracks, new remixes, unreleased tracks, old “favourites.” I just got my first listen and am very excited to say the least. Rico added some vocals and edits and made the whole thing sound very, very pretty. It’ll be out soon.


[Photo by Benetti]