New Fight Bite – “The Accident” (Stereogum Premiere)

Sometimes we BTW a band and never hear anything worth mentioning again. And sometimes we BTW a band and that band is Fight Bite. The Denton, TX duo have finished work on a gorgeous set of ten tunes, collectively titled Emerald Eyes, to be self-released this October. Our first mention went deep with references — from the best of Slumberland and Parasol, to the Mag Fields before Stephin started singing, even roping in Orange Cake Mix and the Ropers to the mix. Fight Bight (Leanne Macomber and Jeff Louis) only had a few demos on MySpace then, but even in that homespun form, maybe even because of it, the airy, melancholic sounds seemed effortlessly, hopelessly stirring. Honestly, though, I was a little scared for the project’s future: What do you do when you pen what easily will be your signature song on your first swing (the swirling dream-pop mini-masterpiece “Swissex Lover”)? Apparently, you lock yourself in your home studio in Denton with an 1/8″ 8-track and unexpectedly turn out possibly the year’s finest debut LP.

Here’s “The Accident,” which opens the album in appropriately quaaluded and tuneful fashion. (check that coda at 2:35):

Fight Bite – “The Accident” (MP3)

Obviously you’ll need more than just that one song for tonight when you put on Fight Bite and writhe in your silk sheets thinking about old flames, so please enjoy the celestial girl group gorgeousness of the album’s title track, and the aforementioned “Swissex Lover,” before Sofia Coppola gets to ‘em:

Fight Bite – “Emerald Eyes” (MP3)
Fight Bite – “Swissex Lover” (MP3)

Beating Sitek at the cough syrup/tinkerbell thing. Fight Bite’s self-releasing Emerald Eyes on 10/28. They don’t have distro yet, so you can place your orders at their MySpace, where you can hear a few more songs. If you’re in Dallas, go to the CD release party at Fra House (2127 West Oak). 10PM, BYOB.

Fun fact: Before Fight Bight, Leany was in a punk band. Obviously.

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