Grizzly Bear Bring “Two Weeks” To Letterman

You know something’s going well when you can get a room full of drunks to shut up and watch David Letterman at 12:20AM. At the viewing party last night at Hi Fi, it was pretty much silence and smiles. Doveman’s in the back rolling on some arpeggios, Ed’s upfront on the omnichord, Rossen’s flashing a seated look at the keys, the Chrisses are locked in. It took a wait of three weeks, but last night we finally got the new Droste/Bear cut “Two Weeks.” Signature harmonies? Check. So much sunshine? Check. Another silly good look at what’s shaping up to be the Grizzly pop album everybody’s hoping for? Check, please.

Letterman’s guest last night was John C. Reilly. Unfortunately the band never met him. Fortunately, you guys are great at ripping MP3s from videos:

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” (Live On Letterman) (MP3)

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