Girls – “Honey Bunny” (New Song, Live In New Orleans)

Album brought Girls all the accolades, now it’s on to the next one. From the band’s show at New Orleans’s One Eyed Jack’s last night comes this vid of the presumably new tune “Honey Bunny,” filmed during the encore by reader Marc Sketcher. Christopher delivers this mostly solo, with some supplemental tambourine, so we have a bit to go before it’s fully developed. Some things about “Honey Bunny” that won’t surprise you, though: it’s rooted in that late ’50s/early’60s guitar pop vibe, its melody is a larval earworm just about ready to stick in yr brain for days, and it’s about, yep, girls. He’s singing “I know you’re out there, you might be right around the corner / And you’ll be the only girl that I love,” delivered in that sorta yearning Costello-styled quaver that makes you wonder if he even believes what he’s saying but glad that he’s saying it anyway.

Thanks for sending, Marc.

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