Beanie Sigel – “The Reunion” Video (Feat. State Property)

Back in the early ’00s, Jay-Z took practically the entire city of Philadelphia’s rap scene under his wing, called the crew State Property, and financed a bunch of unbelievably great grimy street-rap records. These days, none of those guys has any lingering affiliation with Jay, but they’re all still kicking around and occasionally getting back together to show that they’ve still got that guns-blazing chemistry.

Crew leader Beanie Sigel, one of the greatest rappers of all time, is about to go away to serve a two-year prison term on tax charges. But he’s still got a new album called This Time coming in a couple of weeks, and he carved out time to party with his old friends and some strippers in the celebratory, good-natured, charmingly low-budget video for the album track “The Reunion.” Omilio Sparks and Young Chris show up, Freeway beasts all over the thing, and Peedi Crack, who was somehow too busy to show up to the video shoot, beams in a verse from a sidewalk somewhere. It’s a good time. Watch it below.

This Time is out 8/28 on Ruffhouse.