Dungen Perform 4 Lite Jazz-Style

We recently posted about “Satt Att Se,” a mellow, autumnal swatch of Dungen’s vintage pastoral psychedelia from their forthcoming fourth album 4. The record’s out the end of September, so the band’s making the rounds, including a two-man jazz-lite performance of the new album in its entirety at La Poisson Rouge in New York last week. They shot some video: Gustav Ejstes being mister piano man and new drummer Johan Holmegard going crazy with the rolls. (Sadly, guitarist Reine Fiske doesn’t show up to usher in some breezy solos.) Flashback: Around the time of the Kemado reissue of Dungen’s still-brilliant crossover Ta Det Lugnt Ejstes played an acoustic set in Manhattan with songs from that record. Much like last time, this is entertaining in short doses, but it doesn’t do the full-on compositions justice. As a gimmick, though, kudos. The Fader recorded the entire set for your viewing pleasure.

You can read more about the context/background at The Fader.

4 is out 9/30 on Kemado.

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