Feist Feels It All On Good Morning America

Leslie Feist seems so innocent. But just look at that face. Don’t be fooled by the sweet and gentle voice behind the only album you and your partner can agree on during bedroom time. She is a diabolical marketing genius, with a targeted demographic assault that has systematically dominated every niche in the market. (Play along with me here.) Last week we saw her lock up the kid vote, and this morning she ceded the under 20 demo to Miley Cyrus (who performed on Today), and taught the housewives of America how to rock out in Bryant Park for Good Morning America. It’s nice that she didn’t perform “1234,” even though GMA anchor Robin Roberts drops hints by mentioning it’s on repeat in her brain at all times, and thank god for that; I think we can all agree that after an indie rock choir and an Elmo harmony, that song has gone as far as it needs to. This morning she brought the still worthy “I Feel It All” and her take on “Sea Lion Woman” to national television. The Reminder: Some songs might be played, but she’s still great.

“Sea Lion”

“Feel It All”

Up next: “The Park,” live in studio during the Murder She Wrote marathon on the Hallmark Channel. (Not really, but I think I just won So You Want To Be Feist’s Manager.)