Today In Non-iPod MP3 Player News

While you were waiting in line for an iPhone, the exciting world of non-Apple PMPs got rocked today. Say hello to the Journey-themed ZVUE MP3 player, for the Journey fan that needs more than Arnel to be satisfied. 11 new songs, 11 re-recorded classics, 1GB for the rest of your Journey MP3s. In sadder news, say goodbye to Zune tattoo guy. He says (via Wired):

I am done. I have had the Zune since day 1 and have noticed little improvement … Thanks for all the harsh comments and you will see very little of me anymore … the logo is leaving. Good news is I will still buy Zunes, but I might try out some of the competition before the Zune 3 comes out … I do dig all the people who supported my journey (–) all 4 of you.

His Journey, eh? Sounds like the ZVUE player might have found its first customer. Let’s hope they have a good logo.

Tags: Journey, Zune