Centipede Hz Comment Party

As promised, Animal Collective will be streaming their new album, Centipede Hz, in its entirety tonight on their weekly online radio show, following Geologist’s mix of songs that inspired the LP. We’ve already heard (and seen) “Today’s Supernatural” so it’s probably about time we figured out what the rest of this record’s deal is. Is it as weird as Deakin stated it would be? Only one way to find out — let us Prematurely Evaluate together below like a family. Head over to the streaming show to jump in on the broadcast and tell us what you think.

Here’s the tracklist so you know how to refer to the songs once it starts:
1. “Moonjock” – 5:04
2. “Today’s Supernatural” – 4:18
3. “Rosie Oh” – 2:57
4. “Applesauce” – 5:34
5. “Wide Eyed” – 5:00
6. “Father Time” – 4:35
7. “New Town Burnout” – 6:01
8. “Monkey Riches” – 6:46
9. “Mercury Man” – 4:18
10. “Pulleys” – 3:31
11. “Amanita” – 5:39

Centipede Hz is out 9/4 via Domino.

UPDATE: You can stream the album, track-by-track, at the band’s website now.