Chrome Canyon – “Memories Of A Scientist” Video

Morgan Z brought a triple-decker synth rig to the defunct futuristic glam-pop outfit Apes & Androids before striking out on his own as Chrome Canyon. We’ve heard “Generations,” which served to announce the project’s signing to Stones Throw, and Z’s following that with a self-directed/edited clip for the whimsical MS-DOS-era sci-fi synth-funk of “Memories Of A Scientist.” Esteemed photographer Noah Kalina serves as Director Of Photography, capturing Chrome Canyon as a mad scientist with an eye toward cracking the code of multi-tracking a song that surely would have been the credits music for a Reagan-era sitcom about computers or mathematics. Whimsical, shticky b-movie stuff.

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental Themes is out 10/9 via Stones Throw. Here’s a quote on the clip from Chrome himself:

The making of this video was a definitely b-movie affair. We shot it all at my music studio in Greenpoint – I had gone down to Leeds Radio in Williamsburg and gotten all this weird old gear which is what we used to build the “control room”, and we completely rearranged the live room to accommodate the “circle of synths” – there’s 17 synths in total. I nearly lit my head of fire at the end because my hair was so full of hairspray and teased out – I was literally up on a ladder off to the side of camera lighting a sparkler yelling “ready! action!” then I’d swing the lit sparkler into the frame and hop in myself. I was stepping all over smoldering embers with my bare feet, and that room must have been 120 degrees with our little 4 person crew, a giant hazer, the smoke from the fireworks, and all the windows and doors taped shut to block out light – it was not the most pleasant place to be. Noah was a good sport about it though, and the camera work he did was incredible. In the end it all worked out, and all said and done I think the video looks amazing.