Lykke Li And El Perro Del Mar Take Away Some Shows

The latest chapter of the La Blogothèque project gets a few Swedish artists to collaborate, which is about as hard as getting a Wolf Parader to start a side project. But still it’s special, and of course this is the Take Away Series so even when the direction and video work is farmed out (here shot in San Fran by the Cameraphonic video team), there’s a certain standard of loveliness. Similar standards apply to the artists involved here, Ms. Sarah ‘El Perro Del Mar’ Assbring, and now old timey BTW Lykke Li, helping round out backing duties on each other’s songs with a sizable backing troupe. Lykke in particular seems to love doing these sorts of things with the help of her famous Swedish friends, and since El Perro was missing from Li’s all-starry “I’m Good, I’m Gone” a ways back, it’s nice to see them work it out here. El Perro offers up “Somebody’s Baby,” and Lykke does two of hers. Stuff comes alive when “Dance Dance Dance” gets a kazoo breakdown, but doesn’t it always.

“Dance Dance Dance”

“After Laughter Comes Tears”

“Somebody’s Baby”