Fujiya & Miyagi – “Dishwasher”

Brighton smooth talkers Fujiya & Miyagi’s new album Lightbulbs is forthcoming 9/16 on Deaf Dumb & Blind in the States. (It follows 2006’s “Ankle Injuries“-birthing Transparent Things.) In advance of the release, Lightbulbs standout “Dishwasher” premieres in this week’s ‘Gum Drop. F&M’s David Best, aka Miyagi, answered our questions about the track.

“Dishwasher” feels like part come-on/part yuppie/bourgeois critique. Can you explain the inspiration for the storyline? The intention?
It’s not really an attack on a consumer society, more an observation. Maybe it’s also a comment on the death of ambition or just getting older, when people stop thinking about sex and think more about how much storage facilities they have. Because everybody buys their furniture from IKEA and gets their food from Tesco’s, people and places are beginning to look the same. We think we’ve got choices but we haven’t really.

What will she find when she looks inside the encyclopedia?
Maybe a nice pair of curtains or a rug to tie the room together…