Archie Bronson Outfit – “Shark’s Tooth” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Four years after the worthy Derdang Derdang, London’s Archie Bronson Outfit are set to followup that last LP’s dark blues/rusty grooved garage rock with a long-awaited third album, titled Coconut. On production is sorta-ex-DFA-dude Tim Goldsworthy, whose stellar C.V. includes the likes of the Rapture and Hercules & Love Affair. You’ll hear some of that dirty and discomfiting dance sensibility creep into Coconut’s first single “Shark’s Tooth”: throbs of bass, scraped guitars, like their rock gut a little grimier and their dance-blues turned a little more to the psych. The official video is a sci-fi odyssey, with effects like Laser Cats and animation via Monty Python. Are we laughing, or are we vexed? “Dart For My Sweetheart” it is not. But it is good.

Have it:

Archie Bronson Outfit – “Shark’s Tooth” (MP3)

This is what the band looks like these days when not dressed like the Three Wise Vikings Of The Rings.

Coconut is out 3/23 via Domino. The band’s touring the UK in March, North America in May. For now, a tracklist;

01 “Magnetic Warrior”
02 “Shark’s Tooth”
03 “Hoola”
04 “Wild Strawberries”
05 “Chunk”
061 “You Have A Right To A Mountain Life / 6.2 One Up On Yourself”
07 “Bite It & Believe It”
08 “Hunt You Down”
09 “Harness (Bliss)”
10 “Run Gospel Singer”