The Golden Filter – “Hide Me”

With their carefully sustained clandestine aesthetic and tendency toward darker but still deeply jubilant dance music, the Golden Filter are, in one sense or another, the NYC version of the Knife. And, yeah, in other senses they’re not. As far as Big Apple groups go, though, Penelope and Stephen do an admirable job of getting out there and going for it without the attendant overexposure. Now, after a series of impeccably packaged singles and sundry remixes, their official full-length debut Voluspa is out in April. Take a listen to “Hide Me,” which might sound familiar until it goes where the “demo” didn’t.

The Golden Filter – “Hide Me” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

The “Hide Me” single’s out 4/19. Voluspa is out 4/26. Both show up on Brille.